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Fitted Tablecloth

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Spinning requires great care by all operatives involved. the designs were characterized by classic moafs beautifully engraved and finely colored. When the silkworm begins its spinning, two filaments are emitted from the "silk ducts" which are covered by SILK GUM or SERICIN from the sacks before they come from the mouth. The effect is sometimes imitated in machine prints.

Urethane Upholstery: A name for a group of organic chemical compounds or resins such as polyesters and polyethers. of greige goods. Vat Dyeing-An insolube dye that has been made soluble is put on the fiber and then oxidized to the original insoluble form. See Style Guide Ferrule-an often metal cap attached to the end of a slender shaft for strength or to prevent splitting Figuring- made by the natural grain of wood Finial-decorative turned knob Flare-the outward curving shape of a furniture leg Frame-the wooden skeleton of an upholstered piece of furniture Fretwork-ornamental carving, often interlaced or pierced in appearance G [TOP] Didn Gadroon moulding-a rounded moulding that is carved in convex curves Gainsborough chair-deep armchair with an upholstered seat and back, padded open arms, and carved decoration Gallery-wood or metal border around the top edge of a Gateleg-hinged leg that pivots to support a drop leaf on a Georgian-Historical period dating from c.

Batlk: A method orginated in Java of resist dyeing which employs wax as the resist. Figure references the amount of material required for fabric or leather coverings. The is covered with wax. ribbed fabric woven with fine yarns in the warp, with heavier yarns in the filling.

Converting the processes by which greige goods are made into finished salable goods. Can be a solid color, usually piece dyed or printed. A finish achieved with engraved rollers which press the design into the fabnc. Its front is typically rounded or diagonal, and it rests on three or four feet.

Also called chevron weave, especially when arranged in wide stripes. Polyeiter Ingredients: A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester of a substituted aromatic carboxylic acid, including but not restricted to substituted terephthalate units. These threads are sometimes clipped. Spinning: This final operation in yarn manufacture consists of the drawing, twisting, and the winding or the newly spun yarn onto a device such as a bobbin, spindle, cop.

The Satin Weave: Has few interlacings widely but regularly spaced, resulting in a a lustrous "right" side and dull back.

Fitted Tablecloth