Measuring Your Table

Here is how to get the best measurements possible for your order!

I want to get your order perfect, but I can't do it alone! To ensure you get exactly what you want...

  1. To make a tablecloth I will need the length, width, and tabletop depth. Do not add or take away from the exact measurements.
  2. I will also need to know the shape of the table. Tables are usually round, round with extensions (leaves), square, rectangular, and rarely they are a true oval. People sometimes refer to their table as oblong or having cut-off corners, etc. Explain it as best as you can and if it is really unique, feel free to send me a picture. I have made some very unique tablecloths!
  3. Measure carefully and always tell me about any unusual features that will affect the fit. Are the legs or tableskirt right up to the edge of the table? Ideally, if there is three inches or more clearance under the table edge it will fit fine. If there is less than three inches let me know. Do you need an umbrella hole?
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